Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay Per Click Management

Maximize your return on investment from your PPC ads with our help—reach the right audience, turn clicks into conversions, and much more.

Pay Per Click Management

Maximize your return on investment from your PPC ads with our help—reach the right audience, turn clicks into conversions, and much more.

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    More Conversions, Less Hassle

    Our expert team will lead your PPC ad campaign to ensure you’re reaching your sales targets and business goals.

    If you need a rock-solid strategy for your PPC campaign that will help your numbers soar, then you don’t need to look further then Goflare. We will tailor a strategy specific to your audience, market, business, and goals that will guarantee greater ROI and bring you closer to meeting your targets. Our program leaves no stone unturned in striving to improve your strategy—we’ll take care of everything from A/B testing content to competition analysis. Paying per click is a lot of small payments, so why not ensure that each click leads to a big result?

    Our PPC Services Include

    Text Ads

    Words can be powerful and compelling, and we’ll make sure your text are too.

    Analytic Reporting

    Receive frequent analysis reports to track the effectiveness of your campaign and ads.


    If someone visits your site but doesn’t avail your offer, we’ll give them another chance.


    We’ll provide the best strategies to keep customers coming back for more using the information they’ve given you.

    Map Ads

    Put yourself on the map—literally. We’ll design and publish ads for popular services like Google Maps.

    Display Ads

    Photo, video, text, banners, copy—we do it all, and we do it well. We’ll generate the right content your ad needs.

    Call Tracking

    Track which ads on which platforms are getting you phone calls to your office inquiring about your business.

    And More

    That’s just the basics. We can do a lot more for you, your business, and your PPC campaign!


    Organic Traffic -


    Bounce Rate -


    Average Visit Duration -Increase


    Pages Per Session -Increase

    PPC Management: Go the Extra Mile

    Did you know that a user brought to a site through a PPC ad is 50% more likely to make a purchase compared to a regular user? Or that search ads can increase brand awareness by upto 80%? How about the fact that display ads can increase traffic by upto 300%?

    Those numbers might sound impressive, but what really makes them impressive is this: they’re true! The research is clear on the benefits of PPC, and if you don’t already have a PPC strategy or aren’t seeing results with the one you do have, it’s time to take that next step for your business and bring us on board to maximize your profits!

    PPC: Big Business Leaps for a Small Price

    PPC is an incredibly powerful tool and a very cost effective one to boot. Many business have seen a growth in their metrics and sales with the help of Goflare’s professional PPC management service, and we would love to do the same for you.

    Utilizing a superior PPC strategy—like the one we’ll devise—you can very realistically expect to gain the following and much more:

    • Increased traffic
    • More sales
    • Greater conversions
    • Better brand awareness
    • Targeting traffic
    • Synergy with other digital marketing strategies
    • More information to target customers better

    Select your suite

    Choose the features and functionality your teams need today.
    Easily upgrade as your company grows

    Research and Strategy Development

    Starting at


    Competitive, customer, website and keywords insights. Scoping, planning and presentation of strategy

    Search Ads Campaign Setup

    Starting at


    Setup and Go live of all search ads


    Starting at


    Search ad-copy wrtigin (unlimited versions for approvals), image ads designing (different dimensions).

    Super Fast Support

    If you run into any problems or have any questions, we’ll be quick with fixes and answers!

    Cutting-edge Analysis Tools

    We use the latest technologies and tools to track and analyse the effectiveness of our strategies.

    Guaranteed Results

    You can rest assured that you will see your numbers and metrics improve with our expertise.

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